Are you in the process of building an e-commerce business? If so, a website template is one of the primary things you need to consider. Your template or theme is a source of attraction, and it is your site appearance shape. As you start your online journey, raising bucks to purchase an e-commerce theme might be a challenge. Hence, you opt for the free templates. Whether you are using a paid for or a free theme, what matters most is its responsiveness. Particularly, in an era of mobile e-commerce, you must ensure your site is compatible and mobile friendly. But why? Here are three reasons:

Opportunity for better ranking

With a free e-commerce theme, the expert will tell you that it is difficult to rank better. But that is not the truth. The fact is if you have a mobile responsive and friendly theme, your chances of occupying the top positions on the google results are high. To put the point clear, it is essential to inform you about the effect of mobile-friendliness.

Back in 2015, Google the leading search engine updated its ranking algorithms. The updates made mobile friendly as one of the ranking criteria. Hence, if you want Google to fall in love with your site, you must ensure it fulfils this requirement. This means selecting a template with mobile responsiveness capabilities.

People are conducting their searches using mobile devices

When you want to search for information, the first device you go to is your smartphone. Like you, a large number of people use the same process. With the rising number of smartphone and mobile devices ownership, the number of searches happening through them is going up each dawn. In this essence, your site must comply with this idea for you to benefit from it. As such, when choosing a free e-commerce template, ensure it is mobile friendly. A site without this aspect will continue losing mobile based leads and sales. So, it is up to you to make an excellent choice to ensure you do not become a loser.

Best way to prepare your site for the future

With the current trend, it is certain that mobile commerce will be the future of business. Most people will be using their mobile devices to shop or sell products online. As you know, you are not establishing a website for a day or two. Hence, instead of waiting for the future to make your site compatible with the prevailing trends, you need to prepare in advance and enjoy the benefits in those days.